Join us each Saturday night at 9pm Eastern, 10pm Central for the Saturday Night Extravaganza with Rip. Make sure to get here early for your front row seat for great Music, Trivia, Prizes and more.┬áIf you own a product, are a promoter/advertiser/marketer and want to be a prize/show sponsor please contact us at fullgamutradio at fgrn dot net. The following is the current prize list. If you are not a member of a program click the link to the program and sign up! Don’t miss out on your chance to win!

1000 Credits, Banners, Text Ads, and 125×125 Impressions at Zaney Clicks and at Manual Hits 1000 Credits Banners and Text ads, a 3 day start page:

The following sites are giving away 1000 Credits Banners and Text Ad impressions:

!000 Credits at Top Flight Traffic and 600 Credits at Surfing Socially:

1 Month Top Upgrade at the following sites:

A top month Gold upgrade and a 3 day start page.

2000 MAiling Credits at MyFree Resources and 5000 Banners, 3 day start page at Sunshine Surf Club:

!000 Banners and Text ad impressions:

1 million CTP XP from XP Winners, a 1 week Login Spotlight and 500 Mailing Credits at Mailing for Leads and a 1 week Startpage and 500K CTP XP at Cup of Traffic and XChange Traffic:

Hits Clicks and Misses; The Traffic Exchange Experience by Jon Olson:

More To Come!