Welcome to Full Gamut Radio where we feature music, talk and entertainment programing.  From Rock to Alternative, Oldies, some Country, Pop, and the best in Christian music, we definitely run the full gamut of music. Our Talk and Entertainment programing fits the bill as well.

Full Gamut Radio began broadcasting on June 10th 2010 from the servers of LIVE365. It was a station created to show case the work of  hosts, and producers and to be a place where the listener could connect to and enjoy great music and various types of programming. In July 2012 we began streaming through Primcast and then in January 2014 we moved to DJC media .  We once again rely on Live365 for paying royalty fees for the station. It’s great to be back with Live365 under great ownership!

If you are a DJ, host, producer or have something you would like broadcast on Full Gamut Radio email us at fullgamutradio at fgrn dot net. We are always accepting new programming that makes listening to Full Gamut Radio an enjoyable experience.

Thank you for dropping by and listening to Full Gamut Radio, the full gamut of radio at FGRN.net

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed on the shows or by the show hosts, their guests or callers  broadcast on this station don’t necessarily reflect the views of Full Gamut Radio, its management, or sponsors. If you don’t like what is said, take it up with the shows or hosts. They would love to hear from you.