Prize/ Contest Page

The following prizes will be up for grabs this Saturday at 9pm Central, 10pm Eastern Time during the Saturday Night Extravaganza with Rip.  Don’t miss out on the fun, the music, and giveaways!
1000 credits 1000 banners and 1000 text ads at the following sites:






1 month upgrade or 1000 credits, banners, and text ad impressions.

1000 Credits:

 600 credits from Surfing Socially with new owner Charles Smith:
 1000 credits, banners, and text ads. 1 week start page, and 500K CTP teams XP:

5000 banners and a 3 day startpage:

1 week Startpage and 500K CTP xp:


1000 Credits, Banners, text ads and 125×125 banners:

1 month upgrade:


One Month Gold Upgrade and 3 day login spotlight:



1000 banners and text ads:


1 week Login Spotlight plus 500 mailing credits:

One Month Upgrade at:


2000 Mailing Credits:

2 million CTP teams xp from Full Gamut Radio (Check out Click Track Profit):

 Full Gamut Radio  

1 million CTP teams xp:


Hits, Clicks, and Misses,The Traffic Exchange Experience by Jon Olson:


 more to come!