Music and prizes to ring in the New Year!

We had two shows to usher in the New Year. The shows aired on December 30th and December 31st. Saturday’s show turned into a 9 hour marathon. Many great prizes were awarded the two nights highlighted by Chit Chat Traffic and Traffic Empire. Listeners that answered trivia questions correctly had a chance to win a 1 one month, 1 year and a Lifetime members at Traffic Empire and Chit Chat Traffic. ¬†Traffic Empire is set to relaunch January 5th at reset with a brand new script and better than ever. Don’t miss out! Sound Surf Live also got in the mix awarding an additional prizes to their prize package. The following names are those that scored big!

Friday’s show

Eric Burgoyne (from Terry Allison): Traffic Empire 1 month upgrade.

Jessica McLurkin (from Leone Marziano): Chit Chat Traffic 1 month upgrade.

Tim Hanson: Sound Surf Live, 1000 credits, banners, and text ads, 1 week of start pages, and a 1 day login spotlight.

Doug Roehrig: Manual Hits, 1000 credits, banners and hits, 1 week start page, and 500K CTP xp. Sunshine Surf Club, 5000 banner impressions and a 3 day start page.

Saturday’s show

Jean Kopinski: Chit Chat Traffic, 1 year Pro Membership.

Brenda Broyles: Traffic Empire, 1 year Pro Membership.

Doug Roehrig: Legacy Team Co-op and Legacy Mailz, 1000 banners and text ads. Lifetime TE and Zaney Mailz, 1 month top upgrade.

Tim Hanson: Western Traffic, Trucking Traffic, Cougar Traffic, 1 month Gold membership and a 3 day login spotlight at all 3 sites. Zaney Clicks, 1 week start page, TE Search 1000 credits, banners and text ads. Cool Cat Hits 1000 credits, banners and text ads. Top Flight Traffic 1000 credits. Advance Safelist, 1 month top upgrade. Cup of Traffic, 1 week start page and 500K CTP xp. Mailing for Leads, 500 mailing credits and a 1 week login spotlight. My Free Resources, 2000 mailing credits. Boot Scootin’ Traffic 1000 credits, banners and text ads.

Kevin Bailey; Chit Chat Traffic, Lifetime Membership

Gary Calvert: Traffic Empire, Lifetime Membership.

Terry Allison: Chit Chat Traffic, 1000 credits, banners and text ads. Sunshine Surf Club 1000 credits, banners and text ads. Sound Surf Live 1000 credits, banners and text ads, 1 day start page and a 1 day login spotlight.

Deb Chism: Surfaholics TE 1000 credits, banners and text ads. Click Your Face Off, 1000 credits, banners and text ads.

Thanks to all of those that tunes in and participated!