Week 18 winners

Congratulations to our contest winners:

This week’s “This isn’t Communism Terry” Package consisted of 11 winners and prizes from 11 different programs. To win the prize, the winners wrote in and requested a song, said hello, or requested a shout out to someone.
Doug Roehrig: Sunshine Surf Club, 1000 Credits, Banners and Text ads. Brenda Broyles: TE Search, 1000 Credits Banners and Text ads. Kevin Bailey: Legacy Hits, 1000 credits, banners and Text ads. Eric Burgoyne: Sound Surf Live, 1000 Credits, Banners, and Text ads. Nancy Radlinger: Cool Cat Hits, 1000 credits, Banners, and Text ads. Ken Locatelli: Manuel Hits 1000 Credits, Banners and Text ads, a 1 week start page, and 500K CTP xp. Vicki Osgood-Whatley: Chit Chat Traffic, 1000 Credits, Banners and Text ads. Carlos Pepe: The Book, Hits, Clicks, and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience, by Jon Olson. Trucking Traffic, 1 month Gold upgrade and a 3 day Login spotlight. Laura Kinnamon: Great White Hits, 1 month Gold 3 day Login Spotlight. Scott Rohn: Sunshine Surf Club, 5000 Banners impressions and a 3 day login spotlight. Surfaholics TE,1000 credits.

Prize Package of the Night
Laura Kinnamon: Lifetime TE 1 month Gold Upgrade. Social Ad Surf 1000 credits banners and text ads.
Surfaholics TE 1000 banners. Top Flight Traffic 1000 credits. Cup of Traffic 1 week start page and 500K xp.
My Free Resources 2000 mailing Credits. Click Your Face Off 1000 Credits Banners and Text ads
Zaney Clicks 1 week start page.

Thanks to all those whom listened and participated!