Our week 5 prize winners!

Congratulations to our week 5 prize winners. You can be a winner too by tuning in at 9pm Central/ 10pm Eastern time every Saturday night when we play trivia and some great tunes. Join in on the fun!!! www.fgrn.net

Week 5

Nancy Radlinger: Mailing for leads 1 week login spotlight 500 mailing credits, The book Hits, Clicks and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience, Boot Scootin’ Traffic 1000 Banners Credits and Text ads and an 1 month audio ad from Full Gamut Radio

Sunny Suggs: Zaney Click One week Start Page, 15 dollars from Full Gamut Radio, Western Surf 1 month Gold upgrade 3 day login spotlight, Squirly Traffic 1 week Start Page, Cool Cat Hits 1000 credits banners and text ads, Legacy Result 1000 credits banners and Text ads.

Doug Roehrig: X Change Traffic 1 week login spotlight 500xp, Cougar Traffic 1 month Gold upgrade and a 3 day login spotlight, Zaney Mailz 1 month upgrade, Top Flight Traffic 1000 credits Banners and Text ads, Legacy Hits 1000 Banners and Texts Te Search 1000 credits, Banners and Text ads.

Ben Frazier: Full Gamut Radio 2 million CTP xp, Lady Bug Clicks 1 month Gold upgrade and a 3 day login spotlight, Key List Marketing 1 month Upgrade, Chit Chat Traffic 1000 credits Banners and Text, Ninja Surf 1000 credits banners and text.

Vicki Osgood-Whatley: Cup of Traffic 1 week Login Spotlight 500xp,  Spotlight, Lifetime Traffic 1 month upgrade Surfaholics TE 1000 banners Surf Skeleton 1000 Credits banners and texts.

Leona Marziano: Xp Winners 1 million xp, Great White Hits 1 month Gold upgrade, Deja Vu Hits 1 month upgrade, Surfaholics TE, 1000 credits, Social Ad Surf 1000 credits, banners and Text ads.

Mary Golon: 1000 credits Banners and Text ads from Sound Surf Live

Lynn McCutchen Northern Traffic 1 month Gold upgrade and 3 day login spotlight, Trucking Traffic 1 Month Gold Upgrade, 3 day login,  Te Surfers Unite 1 month upgrade, Click Your Face Off 1000 credits, banners and texts, Traffic Pharaoh 1000 credits Banners and Text ads.