Congratulations to our week 2 contest winners!

Congratulations to our week 2 prize winners. You can be a winner too by tuning in at 9pm Central/ 10pm Eastern time every Saturday night when we play trivia and some great tunes. Join in on the fun!!!

Week 2 :

Jean Kopinski: 1000 credits at Legacy Result, 1000 credits at Lifetime TE, 1000 Credits at Boot Scootin’ Traffic, 1000 banners at Top Flight Traffic.

Doug Roehrig: 1000 credits at Legacy Hits, 1000 Credits at Surfaholics TE, 1000 credits at Deja Vu Traffic, 1000 banners at Sound Surf Live, and 1000 banners at Chit Chat Traffic

Eric Burgoyne: 1000 credits at Surf Skeleton, 1000 credits at CYFO, 1000 credits at Sound Surf Live, 1000 credits at Top Flight Traffic and a 1 week Start Page at Zaney Clicks.

James Lawson; 1000 credits at Social Ad Surf, 1000 Banners at Surfaholics TE, 1000 banners at Chit Chat Traffic,  1000 credits at Cool Cat Hits

Scott Rohn: 1000 credits at TE Surfers Unite

Sunny Suggs: 1000 Credits at TFT, 1000 Credits at Ninja Surf, 1000 Credits at Traffic Pharaoh, 2million CTP xp

Nicole Sherman and Leone Marziano: Hits Clicks and Misses: The Traffic Exchange Experience