GOP Gangsters Hijack the Coronavirus to Try and Steal the Election

It’s another new low-pitched for America’s preceding racketeer-influenced and corrupted syndicate, formerly known as the Republican Party: Now, they’re trying to use this deadly pandemic to steal an election.

Surprised? Of course you aren’t .

It’s happening in Wisconsin, where the state is moving ahead with Tuesday’s primary even though every sane person agrees that it’s madness to do so under these circumstances. Democrat from Governor Tony Evers on down want to move the primary to May 19 and deport it mainly by forward. A reasonable delay in the name of public health. No one “wouldve been” disenfranchised. Indeed quite the contrary, probably, since vote-by-mail participation rates in the states that use it are high–certainly a inferno of a lot higher than turnout in an election held in a state where beings are under succession to stay home.

But for Republicans, of course, a higher turnout is exactly the problem. They want low-grade turnout. That’s their posture in general, as Donald Trump cleared the mistake of acknowledge last week( in the bailout legislation, he said, Democrat” had things–levels of voting that, if you ever agreed to it, you’d never have a Republican elected in this country again “).

But in Wisconsin, it’s specific. There’s a district State supreme court seat on the ballot, pitting the conservative incumbent who is backed by Trump against a believable liberal challenger. Should the challenger win, the conservative majority on special courts will shrink from 5-2 to 4-3.

Hence, the Republican solution: Forge ahead with the election knowing and hoping that turnout will be a fraction of normal because lower turnout tends to help Republicans.

The state assembly and the regime senate, both to be determined by Republican thanks in part to some of the most aggressive gerrymandering in the country, nursed convening of the special session Saturday to “consider” Gov. Evers’ project. The assembly was gaveled in for 17 seconds, in accordance with the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel ; the state senate period was even shorter. The assembly talker pro tem, the only Republican to show up, refused to comment.” No , not today, gotta exit ,” he sputtered to reporters.

Some people want Evers to cite emergency superpowers, but his beings is our opinion that if he does so, it will be immediately challenged by Republicans and will go to the state’s high court, which will rule against him regardless. He insists further that he needs to preserve those emergency supremacies to fight the pandemic, which is getting worse in the regime. In other statements, the Republicans have him boxed in, because he’s actually trying to be a responsible president of the united states who puts the health and safety of the people of his territory first.

Finally, and this part almost goes without saying, Wisconsin Republicans are defending all this by mounting their high horses and preaching about the sanctity of the right to vote. Which, again , no one is proposing to take away.

By the action, about that gerrymandering: If you have a couple times to spare, read this Journal-Sentinel study of how abusive the GOP 2011 gerrymandering was. It is true, in Wisconsin as pretty much everywhere, that Democrats live collection into fewer regions. But the lines the Republican extorted established the situation something much unfair than it might have been. As the paper placed it:” Under the aged delineate, Democrats had to outperform the GOP by 2 or 3 points statewide to have a good shot at winning control of the Assembly. But under the current map, Democrat need to out-perform the GOP by a little bit closer to 9 or 10 targets statewide to have a good shot at winning an Assembly majority .”

We’re used to all that, sickeningly anti-democratic though it may be. But the new wrinkle here, playing politics with a pandemic that is killing hundreds of Americans on an hourly basis, reveals a new position of moral blight and falsification in “states parties ” that no longer stands for anything except perpetuation of its own power.

And, of course, don’t think Trump isn’t watching. Now that the presidential election is going to be a referendum on his handling of the pandemic and he’s not going to be able to interest numerous voters in Hunter Biden’s Ukraine madness, we can be sure that he’s sitting in the residence stewing and scheming about how he can get away with stealing the election.

Fortunately, there are certain basic things he can’t do. The date of our general elections was may be determined by a statute Congress extended in 1845( yes, it’s insanely antiquated, which is another problem ). Congress would have to change the time, which apparently the Democratic House will not do.

I suppose Trump could try to use his bully pulpit to get states to delay the election, but it’s hard to see how that would work to his benefit. Blue territory would defy him, so red districts would have to hold the election too or risk what might in essence be a forfeiture of the holding of elections. They won’t do that.

However, there are other scenarios. Rick Hasen, one of the country’s conducting election law professionals, laid them out in a Los Angeles Times article Saturday.

First, he writes,” Trump or mood superintendents could seek to use public health concerns as a pretext to close polling places in Democratic metropolitans in swing positions. Electing would still come about, but turnout could be skewed to help Republicans .”

Second, and more startling, country parliaments could prefer their moods’ presidential electors. They don’t do that now; voters do. But under statute, they have a right to.

As Hasen sets it,” What’s to stop Trump from pleading to Republican-controlled legislatures in the jive states of Arizona, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin to can be taken this strength from voters under the pretext that the risk of COVID-1 9 makes voting difficult and challenging? Although all these states, except Arizona, have Democratic governors, some believe that the legislatures could can be taken this influence even without the agreement of the governor .”

They would, plainly, establish pro-Trump electors. Game over. Read a longer treatment of this situation from Slate’s Mark Joseph Stern.

Notice that in these two scenarios, Trump and Republican would be using the virus as the excuse for postponing polls. That would be the opposite of what Wisconsin Republican are doing now. In other commands, there is no consistency , no principle. Which all but guarantees that these robbers will try it.

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