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Admit it. Working from residence seemed recreation, at first. We were going to have so much time for self-improvement. There is confident we were going to work out daily, get that killer time torso, focus on skincare, get dressed, the whole nine yards.

But, here we are on what feels like day 500 of social distancing. Hair has not been brushed, pajamas have been on for three weeks straight, and working out has been replaced with “how many cookies can I chew before I pass out”.

Given that here in NY, the stay-at-home lineups have been extended for another month, I decided it was extremely important I find brand-new motivatings to work out and give a sh* t about my state and wellness. How does one come motivated to workout aside from the self-evident mission purpose and ensues?

Two commands: cute clothes.

If you’re feeling uninspired, take a peek below at my current favorite workout brands and the portions that motivate me “the worlds largest”. If these don’t get you off the couch, godspeed.

Gigi C Sport

I’ve always had a thing for pastel colourings, because they compliment everyone. I entail it when I say there isn’t a single person that glances bad in a pale pink or soft blue-blooded. Gigi C Sport simply propelled their Spring 20 Active Collection, and I’m obsessed. If I was rich and splendid, I would frankly purchase the entire collection, because that is how much I like it. I DO own the Eden top+ Katrina legging set in Sky Blue( pastels, FTW ), and I am proud to say I actively scoured for online workout class to lean this look to use. I is required to mention the Maxine Romper, which is like an 80 s workout dream done right in 2020. I’ll stop wander on, but yeah, this is currently my favorite activewear symbol.

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