Seth Meyers to Warren: Why Havent You Endorsed Bernie?

On Tuesday night, one day after welcoming Senator Bernie Sanders( D-VT) to the program–and witnessing him go in on ” grotesque” Republican for nickel-and-diming the poor in the recent coronavirus stimulus bill–Seth Meyers brought on Senator Elizabeth Warren( D-MA ), his former rival candidate for the presidency.

When the Late Night emcee queried her whether either of the most recent candidates for the Democratic nomination for president, Bernie Sanders or Joe Biden, has asked her to serve as their direct teammate, she said no.

” I have not been able to come and talk to beings about it. Look, I’m focused right now on this[ COVID-1 9] crisis ,” she asked.” Last week, we were negotiating a record$ 2 trillion invoice to try to support health-care workers and to try to support our economy, and now I’m trying to push hard for this oversight part of it, communicating letters to Secretary Mnuchin. That’s just where my attention is focused right now, and frankly I think it’d be foolhardy for me to be doing anything else .”

Meyers then pressed her a bit on why she has yet to endorse a candidate–something that’s proven especially curious contributed how much her plan castes align with Sanders, and how much he could use her supporting.

” You haven’t endorsed a candidate more, and it certainly seems like your positions line up more in lockstep with Senator Sanders than they do with Joe Biden. Are you going to endorse, or is this something you’re considering to wait on ?” asked the comedian.

Warren dodged the issues.” You know, again, I certainly want to say that, right now, it’s less about the politics and much more about the crisis that our country is in, and I think that’s really where our focus has got to be at this moment ,” she replied.” So that’s where I’m keeping my attending right now. We don’t get to do any political rallies at this moment anyway .”

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