New York: man killed and at least a dozen hurt in subway fire, officials say

Fire broke out at Central Park-North 110 th Street in Harlem early on Friday and more than 100 firefighters responded

New York officials say one soul was killed and more than a dozen people were injured when a burn broke out on a subway instruct early on Friday.

A New York police department spokesman who described the situation at the Harlem station as “fluid” confirmed that a guy in his 30 s was enunciated dead and eight other adults were hospitalized.

A fire department spokesman could not confirm the death but said that fire officials weighed four beings critically injured and one person with serious but non-life-threatening harms, as well as seven the civilian population and five firefighters who suffered minor injuries.

A spokesman with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority did not immediately have a casualty count.

The northbound 2 instruct had just plucked into the Central Park North-1 10 th Street station around 3.15 am, police and fuel officials said, but they were unclear at what station the fuel broke out.

No arrests was soon met, police said. The motive of the flame is still under investigation.

More than 100 firefighters responded to the station, the spokesman said, describing the scene as “challenging” and “dark”. It made about a half-hour to douse the fire.

The fire stopped busines to various train lines, making delays as the MTA contends with dramatically reduced ridership and service slice amid the coronavirus outbreak.

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