Estate in row over ‘shadowy’ dossier on opponents

Image copyright Save Dartington campaigners Image caption Opponents to the sale of land have been rostered with their personal interests in an owned paper

A cash-strapped country estate selling region for residence has gathered a “shadowy list” of personal information on objectors, it has emerged.

The list of Save Dartington members included information on personal relationships and interests.

Save Dartington alleged the Dartington Hall estate in Devon of “becoming increasingly paranoid” about those opposed to the sale of land.

The trust, which accepted it was a trust document, declined to comment.

Image copyright Herbythyme/ Creative Commons Image caption In 2019 the rely scheduled a number of measures to try and balance the books

The Dartington Hall estate, a centre for learning, ecology and the arts, was established with 1925 when American heiress Dorothy Elmhirst and spouse Leonard bought the 1,200 acres of land and buildings dating back to the 14 th Century.