12 Questions I Still Have After Watching ‘Tiger King’ | Betches

If you manage to oblige your mode past coronavirus Twitter, you’ll notice that people are talking about something called Tiger King. The brand-new Netflix docuseries that follows Oklahoma-based, eccentric, frankly gay tiger breeder and zookeeper Joe Exotic( not his government name) has been taking the internet by hurricane, and for good reason: it is the quarantine distraction we all need.

Everything about this documentary is so delightfully American in all the ways that America can be terrible–but like, in a chiefly recreation nature, and not a” our country is so f* cked systemically that we should maybe consider burning it to the ground and starting from scratch” style that the current pandemic has uncovered. Back when America was trash really because it was trashy, and its citizens were trashy, and not because it was a literal flare stockpile of squander: this is the America of Tiger King. When a random guy in Oklahoma could buy a few beasts, recruit a regional kid from a nearby public institution to teach him magic tricks so he could bring a bunch of vampires to various malls throughout the country and perform magic evidences with them–those were the good old days. When the same guy could decide to run for president, and then eventually superintendent, despite having zero event( or shot at winning, tbh ). It’s plastic sequins on a cowboy hat worn to an impromptu drunken uniting in Vegas: that’s the America we go in Tiger King.

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