Ford, GM, Tesla given the go ahead to produce ventilators, Trump says

Ford, GM and Tesla have been given the “go ahead” to realize ventilators to help alleviate a shortage amid the COVID-1 9 pandemic, President Donald Trump said in a tweet Sunday that ended with a challenge to auto managers to show how good their companies are.

Ventilators are a critical piece of medical rig for patients who are hospitalized with COVID-1 9, a respiratory disease caused by coronavirus. COVID-1 9 attacks the lungs and can cause acute respiratory distress syndrome and pneumonia. And since there is no clinically proven medication hitherto, ventilators are relied upon to help people breathe and fight the disease. There are about 160,000 ventilators in the United District and another 12,700 in the National Strategic Supply, the NYT reported.

The tweet follows a plea Sunday morning from NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo for the federal government to nationalize medical quantity buy instead of leaving it to individual states. Cuomo is one of a stretching group of officials to call for Trump to ordering companies to produce medical quantities under the Defense Production Act, a principle that allows the federal government to compel private industry to produce substances needed for national defense.

Without the nationalization, states are competing against each other for furnishes, Cuomo said. Expenditures have spiked as a result, putting greater pressure on a health care system.

Trump has issued an manager line-up that cites the Defense Production Act, but it’s unclear if it has been used. Trump said last week during a press conference that it had been, but Federal Emergency Management Agency head Peter Gaynor told reporters Sunday that the president has not yet told any a corporation to realise more critical supplies.

Several automakers said last week they were looking into the feasibility of producing ventilators. GM said Friday that it is working with Ventec Life Systems to help increase production of respiratory care commodities such as ventilators that are needed by a growing number of hospitals as the COVID-1 9 pandemics spreads throughout the U.S. The partnership is part of, a coordinated effort of private companies to respond to COVId-1 9, an illness caused by coronavirus.

Ford told TechCrunch in an email Sunday that it stands ready to help the administration, including the possibility of producing ventilators and other equipment.

” We have had preliminary the dialogue with the U.S. and U.K. governments and looking into the feasibility ,” the Ford spokesperson Rachel McCleery said.” It’s vital that we all pull together to help the country weather this crisis and come out the other side stronger than ever.”

SpaceX and Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted Saturday that he had a discussion with Medtronic about ventilators. Medtronic last-minute approved those talks in a tweet. He had previously tweeted that SpaceX and Tesla will work on ventilators, without add specifics.

Tesla could not be reached for comment.

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