Woman Offers Advice To People Who Are Staying At Home With Their Spouse During The Coronavirus Quarantine

Even though social distancing is highly admonished during these difficult times and people choose to stay home with their loved ones, biding behind locked doorways with your significant other 24/7 may not be as idyllic as it may seem from the first glance. Turns out, many duos who are not used to spending so much of their time together are having quite a hard time being limited in a small space together with their partners. Adding up to the stress of the potential illness and unstable situation of all over the world probably doesn’t help in keeping a peace imagination as well.

However, digital illustrator and innovative change director Christine Knopp has 6+ years’ worth of event in how to manage working from residence together with your SO and didn’t hesitate to share it on Twitter.

Illustrator Christine Knopp has been working from dwelling along with her SO for 6+ years now

Image credits: KikiDoodleTweet

Maintaining a healthful tie-in during the quarantine might not be an easy task for everyone since some of us are just not used to being around beings 24/7 and cherish our alone time. But no worries, parties with more know-how on that will help to get you through. While Christine Knopp offered excellent opinion based on her working experience in her tweets, “weve had” some more professional advice from Pepper Schwartz, a psychology prof at the University of Washington, as well.

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Thus, she merely can’t wrap her top around why people find it hard staying home with their development partners during the quarantine