Here’s How To Improve Your Uber Rating, According To Drivers With The Company


Here’s How To Improve Your Uber Rating, According To Drivers With The Company

By Daffany Chan
Feb 22, 2020

Though it may seem like your Uber rating is out of your hands, there are actually methods you can boost those numerals. The first-ever Uber Rider Ratings Report is here, and it even includes steering on how you can improve your Uber rating. If you’re aiming for five stellars, you’ll obviously want to see what real Uber moves had to say.

On Thursday, Feb. 20, the rideshare firm shared its report in an email to Elite Daily. The world-wide data is based on 2019 equestrian ratings. Along with tips-off for improving your own Uber rider rating, the findings include the highest-rated countries and the highest-rated U.S. cities. It was based on average city and country consumer ratings throughout 2019, and municipalities had to have at least 1 million jaunts to be included in the data set.

The United Position didn’t make it into the highest-rated countries. Equestrians in Croatia, Paraguay, and Germany take the prize for the top three rated people, respectively. Ukraine and Poland round out the top five.

The top-rated U.S. metropoli is Colorado Springs, Colorado, with riders in the South following behind. The second highest-rated city is Birmingham, Alabama; with Myrtle Beach, South Carolina; Asheville, North Carolina; and Baton Rouge, Louisiana; completing the top five, respectively.

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Uber consulted its operators around the United Country, and they distilled the info into five gratuities for equestrians looking forward to better ratings 😛 TAGEND Get to your travel on time. Make sure to be ready for pick-up as soon as your motorist arrives, and don’t be late. If you are running late, give your driver a heads up, and make sure the locale you enrolled is where you’ll actually be. Don’t slam entrances. Since most moves use their personal autoes, it’s important to treat the vehicle with help. You can request music, but be considerate. Drivers share that while requesting music is OK, you’ll want to ask before turning the capacity up too loud. Ask if you can bring food or boozes. If you’re bringing a snack or sip along for the ride, make sure to check with your driver if it’s OK. If you inadvertently pour, they’ll have to clean up and you might get charged a scavenge fee. Prioritize safety. Refrain from pinching additional parties into the car or asking your driver to go faster than the velocity limit.Posted in Music

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