Twitter Can’t Get Enough Of Liz Warren Tearing Mike Bloomberg Apart At The Debate


These Tweets About Elizabeth Warren At The Feb. 19 Debate Are Full Of Awe

Wednesday, Feb. 19 distinguished the ninth debate of the 2020 Democratic presidential primary, and there was a brand-new face on the stage: former New York Mayor Mike Bloomberg. As the lone multibillionaire on the debate stagecoach, Bloomberg immediately became a target for his fellow Democratic applicants. Much to Twitter users’ pleasure, Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren was particularly relentless in her analysi of Bloomberg , notice its own history of reportedly “hiding his tax returns, of hassle ladies, and of supporting racist programs like redlining and stop and frisk.” Representatives for Bloomberg did not immediately respond to Elite Daily’s request for comment on this evaluation. Still, these tweets about Elizabeth Warren at the Feb. 19 debate are full of awe at her debate concert as she works to rejuvenate her candidacy.

Even before the debate began, Warren was critical of Bloomberg’s alleged use of his own money to “buy his channel into the debate.” In a biting tweet on Feb. 18, Warren suggested that she and her individual Democrat could use the debate to provide “a live demo to seeing how we each take over an egomaniac billionaire.” The Massachusetts senator stuck to this promise when she faced off against Bloomberg on Wednesday night.

“We’re running against a billionaire who calls ladies fat broad-mindeds and horse-faced lesbians, ” Warren said at the debate. “And no, I’m not talking about Donald Trump, I’m talking about Mayor Bloomberg.” According to CNN, these offenses were attributed to the former New York mayor in a volume of alleged Bloomberg excerpts offering to him by individual employees in 1990, though Bloomberg has repudiated ever saying them. Representatives for Bloomberg did not immediately respond to Elite Daily’s request for comment about the suspect paraphrases.

Warren likewise threw Bloomberg over wishes to report that his eponymous media company had allegedly manhandled women who worked there.< strong> Representatives for Bloomberg did not immediately respond to Elite Daily’s request for comment about his company’s alleged mistreatment of women employees. Warren subsequently expected that Bloomberg release women who may have filed complaints from any potential non-disclosure agreements they may have signed.

“We are not going to beat Donald Trump with a subject who has who knows how many non-disclosure agreements and the dribble, trickle, drip of narrations of women saying they have been hassled and discriminated against, ” Warren said.

Bloomberg wasn’t the only target of Warren’s criticism, though. She sought to distinguish herself from her fellow liberal on place, Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, by taking a different approach to Medicare for All — a subject of contention between their respective voter cornerstones. Warren was even more critical of health care plans released after Minnesota Sen. Amy Klobuchar and onetime South Bend Mayor Pete Buttigieg, announcing them sparse at best. Warren likewise offered a few messages of denunciation for former Vice President Joe Biden’s record, though with Bloomberg on the stage for the first time, Biden was largely able to sidestep many of the attacks that have come his course during past debates.

What clear on Wednesday was nobody on the debate theatre could escape Warren’s criticism, and that certainly got Twitter users’ attention. In fact, the reported Warren was the most tweeted-about candidate after the debate, and as of Thursday afternoon, the hashtag # PresidentElizabethWarren was still trending, together with words like “finish him.”

Warren’s performance at the debate appeared to revitalize her candidacy in the Democratic primary. Following a fourth-place showing in the New Hampshire primary on Feb. 11, many suggested that her campaign would flounder, despite the fact that she acted better than Biden in New Hampshire and polled higher nationally than Buttigieg in a Feb. 19 -ABC News poll. As the Nevada caucuses and South Carolina primary coming, it remains to be seen whether Warren’s widely praised debate concert will give her the voting surge she needs.

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