This is one pardon Trump should consider

( CNN) Since amnesties are something of a topic du jour, Mr. President, I have a simple request. I’m moderately certain you’ve heard of onetime NFL star quarterback Michael Vick. We likewise all noticed the news reports that you only knack a commutation for an alum of “The Celebrity Apprentice”who was accused of shakedowns involving a children’s hospital and reprieved a onetime police commissioner convicted for tax fraud and lying to the government. So please, sir, hear what i just said out — I have a far better deserving nominee for your leniency consideration.

ESPN’s two-part 30 for 30 documentary entitled “Vick” aired recently. And to tell the complete legend of the film’s 39 -year-old protagonist, every second of its three-hour run time was required. Vick’s tale is one of against-long-odds achievement, meteoric ascension to the pinnacle of his profession and losing everything there is, while falling prey to hubris and his own cripplingly inadequate decision-making.