Michelle Obama opens up to Oprah about her new ’empty-nester’ life with Barack

The Obama family has been a big part of the American culture fabric for over a decade and a half. We seen them mature as a marry and their children grow from elementary school kids to college students.

Where has all the time gone?

Malia Obama is now her third year at Harvard University and Sasha exactly started at the University of Michigan last-place fall.

So now the Obamas are entering another chapter of their wedding: empty-nesters. How are they handling this new phase of life? Michelle Obama sat down with Oprah Winfrey in Brooklyn, New York, as part of Oprah’s 2020 Vision: Your Life In Focus expedition, and told her all about their new life.

The conversation starts at 15:15.


When Oprah expected Michelle what it’s like to be empty-nesters, she replied with an resounding, “It is so good, y’all! “

“Parenting takes up a lot of feeling infinite, ” she continued. “I employed a great deal of hour and power into parenting these girls but right now we are trying to make their lives regular — so that means weekends were a grief, ” she said.

Raising teenagers while living in the White House was no easy task for Barack and Michelle.

“Because you had to worry about what parties they were going to, whether there was alcohol, who was doing what, I had to know who the mothers were. So you’re trying to do that as first lady, every weekend for me was hard, ” the mom of two explained.

The Obamas have gone through a lot over the years, having deplete a huge part of their union living in the White House as chairperson and first lady. But according to Michelle, they’re still the same people they were when they met back in 1989.

“We went through a tough time, ” she said of their time in the White House. “We did some hard-bitten things together. And now we’re on the other end of it and I can look at him and I still recognize my husband.”

After virtually 28 times together, she believes that Barack has held up his intention of the deal.

“He’s still the man that I fell in love, with who I value and I respect and I trust . … He has been who he predicted he would be to me, ” she said.