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In the past couple of years, Jameela Jamil has consistently been one of the most outspoken luminaries on social media. Whether tackling mental health publishes on Instagram, calling out the Kardashians for their problematic uprights, or get into hot water for tweets about George W. Bush, Jameela always speaks her attention. But even though Jameela Jamil is no stranger to getting involved in social media squabble, even for her, this latest drama is intense. She’s been accused of having Munchausen Syndrome, and she’s not take it lightly.

Several weeks ago, Tracie Egan Morrissey, producer and legion of the Pot Psychology podcast , posted a series of Instagram narratives about Munchausen, in which she listed various fames that she imagines might have the disorder, including Jameela Jamil. Harmonizing to the Cleveland Clinic, Munchausen , now known as” factitious disorder imposed on self ,” is a illnes in which” a person repeatedly acts as if he or she has a physical, emotional or cognitive condition when, in truth, he or she has caused the symptoms .” This is usually done to gain sympathy and scrutiny. You probably know it from The Act, or the Deedee Blanchard murder.

In her initial legends, Morrissey included particular excerpts and examples of Jameela Jamil speaking about many different injuries and health publishes she’s suffered, including two bouts with cancer, being deaf as a child, and spinal damage. Those storeys were just the tip of the iceberg, though, and last week, Morrissey launched into a penetrating descent on Jameela Jamil’s numerous, numerous health problems. You should watch the full story foreground if you demand all the videos and full background, but needless to say, formerly Jameela accompanied the tales, she wasn’t pleased.

In her first of a series of tweets, Jamil invoked a separate controversy from last week, which I’ll try to summarize as briefly as is practicable. Last week, casting was announced for Legendary, an upcoming HBO Max voguing competition show. Jamil, who is an executive producer on the depict, was revealed to be a judge, and the present decision was immediately met with backlash. The prime denunciation had to do with her lack of ordeal in voguing and ballroom culture, and it only got worse when trans actress Trace Lysette, who was famously the mother of a lag house for many years, said she auditioned for the number of jobs, but did not even get a callback.

Jamil’s response to the controversy? A lengthy notes app statement, in which she came out as a faggot wife for the first time. While most people didn’t actually allege her of lying about her sexuality, many did question the timing and goal behind the statement. She even admitted that the timing of her explanation was ” unwarranted .” Likewise, being a queer woman still doesn’t automatically mean you’re qualified to judge a voguing competition–just saying!

But anyway, back to THIS week’s Jameela Jamil social media dispute. In this first tweet, Jamil announced Morrissey an” unhinged imbecile ,” and addressed one of the most important divergences that Morrissey focused on. The whole jumble roots from the fact that Jameela Jamil has, apparently, been hit by car because she was being chased by bees TWICE. Read that decision again, because it certainly does sound crazy.

When she was 17 years old, Jamil says she was shot by a battalion of bees and been struck by a vehicle, which “destroyed” her back. She told Cosmo that after the accident, she” was in bunked for approximately one year and in a wheelchair for about six months after that .” But then, while filming for season one of The Good Place, Jamil knew any other bee/ car collision. She told Jimmy Kimmel in an interview on his show that she was jogging on the sidewalk, when a horde of bees thrust her to run into the road, and she was then hit by a gondola. She wasn’t seriously injured that time, but I’m guessing at this quality she has a pretty bad fear of bees.

So to clarify, Jameela Jamil didn’t reform her narration about her car accident that was caused by bees–she only had two DIFFERENT car coincidences that were caused by bees. Why would that be embarrassing?

I actually desire this snap back to further questions about these incidents 😛 TAGEND

Whenever someone questions me about anything, my new response is going to be” do you deplete less time in greenery than me ?” irrespective of context.

One of the other main questions raised was in regards to an incident in which she suffered a concussion and seizures after reaching her psyche on the make of The Good Place. Plainly, sh* t happens on a create, but the wildest part of this whole story was that the harm reportedly stemmed from her trying to eat a cookie. I adore desserts as much as the next person, but what?

The full headline there from SELF magazine is “‘ The Good Place’ Star Jameela Jamil Says She Developed Seizures After Trying to Eat a Cookie Off the Floor”, which clearly leaves out detailed information. Jamil cleared that up, calling the SELF headline about the incident ” clickbait ,” and mean to tell me that she actually hit her temple on a table as she was* reaching* for a cookie that had fallen on the storey. The ensue jolt began her to have seizures, and she says she had” atonal convulsions ,” but those aren’t a thing, so I’m pretty sure she wants atonic convulsions. Harmonizing to Cedars-Sinai, unlike the more widely-known Grand Mal seizures, atonic seizures are a” abrupt shortcoming of muscle fortitude, or mood, can cause the person to fall to the ground ,” which audio pretty serious.

Obviously, Jameela Jamil was having none of the Munchausen accusations, and I don’t condemned her for clapping back. After addressing many of the specific incidents on Twitter, and addressing them some more, and addressing them one more time after that, Jameela decided to troll everyone right back, spreading some even crazier rumors about herself. I’m pretty sure the forehead tattoo proportion is made up, but at this place, I would believe that she’s Banksy. Crazier sh* t has happened.

At the end of the day, however accident-prone she may be, Jameela is focusing a lot of her power on doing actual important activism run, and that matters more than the specifics of each incident in which she was chased by a swarm of bees. But really, Jameela, what’s with all the bees?

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