Mets ban their minor league players from new clubhouse after $57m upgrade

The New York Mets have unveiled a $57 m outpouring practise equipment, but they wont make their minor league players use the clubhouse

The New York Mets have launched a $57 m springtime discipline equipment, but they won’t make their bush league musicians use the clubhouse.

The Mets train and play in Port St Lucie, Florida, in the preseason, which is due to start later this month. The brand-new equipment include redevelopments to the stadium as well as a refurbished locker apartment, kitchen and dining room. However, when the Mets move northward to New York for the regular season the team’s minor league outfit, the St Lucie Mets, will not be allowed to use the new clubhouse, instead use older, more basic equipment elsewhere in the building. The Mets merely paid$ 2m of the bill for the modernize, with St Lucie taxpayers picking up the residue. The new clubhouse will only be used for six weeks a year.

Anthony DiComo (@ AnthonyDiComo)

The most disturbing part of the Mets’ $ 57 million outpouring exercise renovation may be the home clubhouse. The Mets are only consuming it for Spring Training , not for the St. Lucie regular season, to give minor leaguers a reminder of the status they’re working to earn. k1b3vTTkj3

February 10, 2020

The Mets came under ponderous analysi from supporters and players after’s Anthony DiComo firstly reported the news. Bush league participates struggle to see minimum wage and often have second hassles to support themselves, while average wages in MLB are around$ 4m a year.

DiComo reported that the bush league players would have to use the inferior facilities to show they had to fight to procreate the step up to the majors.” Tough to forget you’re in -ABall when you’re rationing 2 dishes of spaghetti for 25 chaps after tournaments but, sure, skin couches will go to their thoughts ,” wrote onetime Fulfills musician Ty Kelly on Twitter, invoking the furnishings in the new clubhouse.

The Mets are one of the most fleabitten franchises in MLB. Devotee were hoping for a brighter future when bulletin rose their unpopular proprietors, the Wilpon family, were in talks to sell the club to billionaire Steve Cohen. However, that deal descended through earlier this month.

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