How to watch ‘Digimon’ online

Remember Digimon? It may have always played second fiddle to the other monster-based anime( you know, the one with the electric rat ), but there is an opportunity say it was always the more mature offering.

Seven Japanese kids go camping one summer, only to wake up sucked into a digital nature full of whodunit, possibility, and of course, beings. Luckily for the rag-tag tweens, each “Digi-destined” has their own partner Digimon to defend and fight the digital frontier’s numerous jeopardies. As the teens span this shore and takedown wizards, vampire, and Elvis-impersonator ogres, they detect they’re part of a long-predicted prophecy, where they must serve as heroes to both the Digital and real world. That’s a lot to handle for kids who aren’t even old-time enough to get learner’s permits.

Here’s everything you need to know to watch Digimon online.

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