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When it comes to 2020 marries, there are still no rules. As a fellow bride-to-be, I’ve recognise there are a lot of marriage knowledge I’m not into. While you may feel guilty about not doing everything your momma did at her wedding, just think, there were probably some habits her father did that she boycotted( it’s a domino effect, you attend ?). For lesson, my granny told me it used to be tradition that the bride deepened out of her dress at the end of the night and put one across a suit to go off on her honeymoon. Resounds miz, right? I’m assuming all I’ll want to do is change into sweats and PTFO. My mom sure as hell didn’t do that, and I bet yours didn’t either, so don’t feel guilty about skipping one of these seven marriage knowledge that should prob be retired any mode.

Gender-Specific Wedding Parties

Look, it’s 2020. Gender fluid, gender neutral, whatever you want to call it, we can all agree that the gender directions are blurring, and therefore, there’s no reason to be a stickler about your friend from college standing on the groom’s “side” because of the gender he was assigned at birth. Mix it up and move half boys and half daughters, have your brother stand on your surface, etc. Nobody’s going to be sitting at the ceremony whispering, “oh my God I can’t guess she has a GUY standing on HER side, ” and if they do, they’re a f* cking nerd and shouldn’t be invited in the first place. Plus, women’s pantsuits are so in right now, so if you’re a woman in the groom’s wedding party, simply direct your internal Ariana Madix circa Tom and Katie’s wedding and own that sh* t.

Your Parents Giving You Away

This may have been a thing back in the 1800 s when literal 14 -year-olds got married because they were going to die by age 30, but now that you’re a grown-ass adult, there’s no need for mommy or father to “give you away”. The whole idea of them handing off ownership to your marriage is pretty objectifying, IMO. Not to mention , not every person has a great affair with their parents, and this bridal lore can merely apply additional pressing on an already tense dynamic. If you want to skip this one but still accommodation, you can have them walk in front of you, or at the beginning of the procession with the groom’s family if they’re salty about you walking solo.

Gift Exchange

IDK who devised the notion that couples need to give each other endowments before the wedding ceremony, but isn’t like, your wedding fairly of a offering? Yes, I known better voices cheesy, but when it comes to saving money, I will use all the cliches I is capable of being get me out of buying a really expensive watch for my groom-to-be( sorry, babe !). Writing a personal note should be gift enough, since you prob time depleted your life savings on this big gathering. I am officially launching my safarus to end pre-wedding gift exchanges between duos. WHO’S WITH ME ?! I’ll take this all the way to Congress if I “re going to have to”.

Wearing a Veil

I know this is one I’ll catch a lot of heat for, and I’m ready for it. When I detected the historical meaning behind why brides wear curtains, I was scandalized. Basically, wearing a veil was intended to keep the groom from visualizing the bride until she got up to the altar so he wouldn’t meet her and run for the hills. Wow, that is so thoughtful of the discoverers of the veil to hide the bride’s face until it’s too late in case the bridegroom didn’t like her regards. A more modern-day reason to pass on a shroud is the cost. Do you really want to invest $800 on a piece of tulle? I’m sure most of you reading this meditate I’m a veil-hater and are probably still going to wear one, but I’m exactly here is to say that if you’re on the fence and the notion of “tradition” is preventing you from doing you, I’m here to tell you that it’s perfectly okay if you don’t wear one.

Evening Weddings

I’d venture to guess that the majority of weds come about at night( pit will be ), but if you’re not into the idea of a nighttime defendant, why not start it earlier in the day? My cousin is having a brunch reception that goes all day and I’m not going to lie, I am STOKED. The plan of chewing brunch meat, get wasted, and being in bunked by 7pm sounds like heaven on earth. Is that an over exaggeration? Probably, but let’s face it, I can’t stay up all darknes anymore and so the idea of getting the working party started early, and objective it early, announces lovely. Plus, all-you-can-eat brunch food? Hmm, maybe I should change my start time to 11 am.

Bouquet/ Garter Toss

The only thing worse than being set at the singles’ table is the dreaded garland and garter toss. As if a guy literally crawling up his wife’s dress in front of his entire clas isn’t mortifying enough, think of all the single patrons at your wed you’ll humiliate when you toss a cluster of buds at their faces. Too, someone could get SERIOUSLY disabled. At my friend’s wedding last year she hiked the football bouquet like an NFL Pro-Bowler and nearly took out half of her single clients. I represent, respect, but stoned parties don’t have the best reflexes, so that could have been a massacre.

Wedding Cake

My fiance doesn’t like frosting( I know, he’s literally a serial executioner) and I don’t want an icing-free cake at our nuptial, so we’re not having one at all. We’re doing a donut wall instead because I’m # basicandproud, and that direction people can bring their dessert on the dance flooring. We too realized that at the last four nuptials we’ve gone to, we didn’t eat the patty. It’s my personal goal to make sure every patron feels sickly full at the end of the night and they can’t get there with a small slice of patty, so bring out the dessert bar! If you crave a cake just for the photo opp, your caterer might be able to whip up something small-time so you can at least have the picture.

The brand-new bridal regulates are that there are no guidelines, so don’t be afraid to do you. As long as you have good booze and awesome music, everyone will have a good time.

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