Irish parties turn focus towards government

Image copyright PA/ AFP/ Getty Image caption It remains to be seen who between Leo Varadkar( Fine Gael ), Mary Lou McDonald( Sinn Fein) and Micheal Martin( Fianna Fail) will precede a new Irish authority

Ireland’s three largest political parties will turn their focus towards the formation of a brand-new authority after the final general election results were confirmed.

Fianna Fail won the most accommodates with 38, exactly one ahead of Sinn Fein who celebrated their best-ever result.

Fine Gael finished with 35 fannies, down 15 from the 2016 general election.

The tight electoral figures means that negotiations to establish a government could be prolonged.

A party has to win 80 tushes in order to gain a majority in the 160 -seat Dail Eireann( Irish parliament ).