Facebooks Twitter account compromised, hacker group claims credit

There’s this brilliant feeling on Fridays if you’re a reporter when you think that all the things you have to write about are complete. You kickstart some work for Monday. Maybe you be strengthened a to-do list. Hell, you might even read some email.

But then on Fridays like today, something eye-catching happens and the Great Content Gods demand written relinquish and now we are.

Facebook’s Twitter primary page and Messenger were temporarily vandalized by a person or persons claiming to be from the OurMine hacker collective. The activity, and different groups, should clang slightly familiar as it spoofed a bunch of sports-related Twitter accounts simply this January .

Trawling the TechCrunch archives turns up the OurMine name more durations than I reckoned it would. For example, OurMine likewise spoofed the Twitter account of Niantic’s CEO back in 2016. Later that year, OurMind also hacked several media-related Twitter accounts. Hell, OurMine actually spoofed TC formerly — a fact that this episode brought to my attention.

TechCrunch has reached out to Facebook for comment on the compromise. We’re not expecting to hear back anything of substance but, if we do, we’ll update this announce. Twitter rendered public comment regarding the hack, saying that it” locked the compromised histories and are working closely with our partners at Facebook to restore them” where reference is noticed the matter.

What was affixed? The following, per a screenshot taken by TechCrunch’s certificate sage Zack Whittaker 😛 TAGEND

As you can see from the screenshot, the tweet seem to have announced via Khoros. Khoros, in case you too didn’t know, sells software to help companies use social media to interact with customers and users. So, perhaps the Folks With Time On Their Hands came in that way. Either way it was taken down immediately.( Khoros is based in Austin and has been an increase in no known risk capital, per Crunchbase .)

And with that, Friday really is a go.

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