Looks like the Donald Trump show is getting renewed for another season

( CNN) Democrat hoping to dislodge President Donald Trump from the White House before January 20, 2025 have only one more option — the ballot box — and the voting begins Monday in Iowa.

The central question for the GOP, Scott Jennings wrote, was: “Even if Bolton’s account is fully accurate, does this episode, taken in its entirety, warrant the objective of eliminating a duly elected as chairman? ” Now, get ready for “a series of Trump campaign exoneration revivals as he travels the country hammering Democrat for their overreach, ” Jennings said.
Trump’s defense in the Senate was double-barreled: The lawyers denied that he necessity military aid for Ukraine on two statements of its further consideration of the Bidens, and likewise contended that even if he did it, it wasn’t an impeachable pique. To stir the bag, SE Cupp wrote, “Trump required a sight — a vaudeville show of courages and temperaments — and from Jay Sekulow’s theatrics to Alan Dershowitz’s law school lecture, he got it .