A Captain Marvel Sequel Is in the Works

Good day! Welcome to The Monitor, WIRED’s roundup of all the biggest pop culture news around. This week’s biggest story even further has been a bit of a grab bag, covering everything from Studio Ghibli and Radiohead to streaming services, of course, because in 2020, there’s ever something happening in streaming. Now we go.

Marvel Is Working on a Captain Marvel Sequel

Marvel is getting back into the Carol Danvers business. According to The Hollywood Reporter , the studio is officially working on a sequel to last year’s Captain Marvel . The studio has reportedly tapped Megan McDonnell, a novelist on the upcoming series WandaVision , to work on the dialogue, which will bring Brie Larson’s hero into the modern day. THR notes that Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, who guided the first movie, won’t return for the sequel, so Marvel is looking for a new conductor for the project. It could reach theaters as early as 2022.

Netflix Just Increased Its Subscribers by 20 Percent

Despite a lot of fresh event from works like Disney+ and Apple TV +, Netflix added nearly 8.8 million brand-new subscribers in the last quarter of 2019. That accompanies the streaming giant’s world membership up to 167 million, an increased number of 20 percentage from the same period the year prior. In other Netflix data report, the streaming service reported that some 76 million member households watched the first season of The Witcher . That may sound like a lot–and it is–but it also shows a change in how Netflix tracks judgments. Previously, an report would have to watch 70 percent of one episode of a TV establish or 70 percent of movie for it to be counted as a judgment. Now, Netflix is just include representatives that “chose to watch” something, entailing they watched as little as two minutes of the serial or film.

Studio Ghibli Films Are Coming to Netflix–But Not in The americas

We have good bulletin and we have bad news. The good information is that a big batch of cinemas from Studio Ghibli is coming to Netflix. The bad news is that they won’t be available in the US( or Canada or Japan ). For those who will have access, Netflix says it will be offering 21 films–including Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Arrietty , and My Neighbor Totoro — from the Japanese animation studio starting on February 1. “In this day and age, the authorities have many huge actions a movie can reach audiences, ” Studio Ghibli make Toshio Suzuki said in a statement. “We’ve listened to our followers and have originated the definite decision to stream our movie catalogue.” Fans in the US, however, will have to wait until the studio’s catalog comes to HBO Max in May.

Apple TV+ Just Announced All the Shows

Hot off the announcement that the streaming service would be releasing Spike Jonze’s upcoming Beastie Boys doc, Apple TV+ presented some of its forthcoming shows to the members of Television Critics Association on Sunday–and it’s a somewhat hearty slate of registers. For starters, it handed out repairs to Mythic Quest: Raven’s Banquet , Home Before Dark , Kumail Nanjiani’s anthology streak Little America , and M. Night Shyamalan’s Servant . Mythic Quest will plunge on February 7. Meanwhile, Visible: Out on Television , a doc about LGBTQ parties on TV, will hit on February 14( Valentine’s Day, awww) and the first 5 incidents of Steven Spielberg’s Amazing Stories will make the service on March 6. Finally, Apple TV+ will release the first three episodes of the Chris Evans-starring miniseries Defending Jacob on April 24. See? Told you it was a lot–and that’s not even all of it.

Radiohead’s Website Now Contains Radiohead Public Library

Just when it seemed Radiohead had done it all, the band has a new initiative: Radiohead Public Library. The brand-new speculation, which lives on Radiohead.com and will–yes–provide love with library posters, provisions an archive of the band’s catalog, videos, artwork, and live and TV actions. The party also saluted the library’s launch by releasing a streaming account of its 1992 debut EP Drill , the move “I Want None of This, ” and a remix EP from 2011 called TKOL RMX 8 . Search the archive for yourself here.

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