Abby Huntsman Confronts Bloomberg Over Sexist Comments

At the end of his first of three segments Wednesday morning on The View , onetime New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg wrapped up his answer on the controversial ” stop-and-frisk ” policy by saying,” In some things, I did it mistaken and I rationalized and then is seeking to do something else .”

” Well, we’re going to give you more time to apologize ,” Whoopi Goldberg said here throwing the business. That’s exactly what they did after the snap, but this time, a defiant Bloomberg refused to take responsibility.

” I too have friends that used to work at your company and have wonderful things to say, but you have been accused in the past of acquiring lewd and sexist comments and fostering a frat-like culture at your firm that was painful for some female works ,” Abby Huntsman, who will leave a different kind of “toxic” working conditions at the end of this week, said.” ABC has actually has spoken to several women who want to share their stories, but you earned &# x27; t secrete them from their NDAs .”

Huntsman then rephrased Bloomberg’s 2020 Democratic primary competitor Elizabeth Warren, who said,” If his busines has only one enviable record, then cause people in his fellowship or onetime parties from his companionship speak about that enviable record. What is it that Michael Bloomberg has to hide ?”

” We don &# x27; t have anything to hide but we obligated legal agreements, which both sides wanted to keep certain things from coming out, they have a right to do that ,” Bloomberg reacted.” Remember, exactly because you indicated a nondisclosure doesn &# x27; t mean you can &# x27; t talk about other things. You exactly can &# x27; t talk about what was in that agreement where perhaps you don &# x27; t depreciate the other party or you don &# x27; t want to retell a story, whatever it is .”

” You don &# x27; t take away anybody &# x27; s privileges to say what they want to say ,” he supplemented, a bit disingenuously. As Huntsman tried to bring up” this #MeToo era ,” Bloomberg continued to talk over her,” I think if you talk to most women in the company they would say equal salary, equal publicity, equal opportunity. it &# x27; s a great lieu to work .”

” Did I ever tell a bawdy joke? Yeah, sure I did ,” Bloomberg said.” Do I miss it? Yes, it &# x27; s perplexing, but, you are aware, that &# x27; s the road I grew up .”

Among the inappropriate mentions that Bloomberg allegedly induced include imploring a pregnant lady to” kill it” and admitting that he’d like to ” do” various female works.

Joy Behar attempted to laugh off the whole thing with Bloomberg, questioning, “who hasn’t” told a “bawdy” joke at work?” You was indicated that , not me ,” he joked with a view to responding.

But Huntsman pulped on, asking,” So you have no are looking forward to lift the NDAs ?”

” No, we have an agreement. You couldn &# x27; t do it if he wishes to ,” Bloomberg said,” And incidentally, I contemplate an horrific quantity of the women would not want to do that. There may be a few, but I don &# x27; t think so .”

ABC News reported last week that it had” spoke with several women who expressed interest in telling their legends who were subject to confidentiality agreements, but said they feared the prospect of facing reprisal from the company for spoke out .”

” And we don &# x27; t have that many of them ,” he contributed.” We have 20,000 parties. We &# x27; ve been in business since 1981, and in recruiting, you know, I suppose most people would say we &# x27; re a great home to work, at least I hope so. I can be said that &# x27; is exactly what I try to do .”

There was no apology.

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