Vanderpump Rules Season 8 Episode 1 Recap | Betches

Well, guys, I can’t believe it. I genuinely can’t. I said all of last season that I would not be back for more summaries. My doctor advised against it. The sheet viewpoints weren’t anything to write home about. And more, I beat on, barges against the present, borne continuously into watching a is demonstrating that constructs my blood evaporate for no other intellect than the facts of the case that I can’t bear the thought of rendering the summaries to anyone else. That, and I have on good authority that you all over at Bravo by Betches are positively rabid for Vanderpump content. Truth be told, these Vanderpump Rules recaps are my baby and a pet is planning to my own narcissism. I guess that concludes me no better than any of the assign members on this evidence. And with that, let’s get to the show.

A few interesting changes happened because we last talk. Jax and Brittany got married, surprising some. Stassi and Beau got engaged, surprising no one. And Bravo actually like to hear us on Reddit and in the Facebook groups and on Twitter and mixed up this stale direct with some newbies who are thirsty for renown and keen to actually work a couple shiftings at a eatery, surprising the majority of members of us. Too, I found out that at least Brittany and Stassi speak our clauses( Brittany was mad, Stassi was stimulated ), and Ariana came pissed the time we fixed recreation of her skin care line, so no pressing on me over here!

Actual footage of me getting ready to talk my sh* t in this recap:

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