The GP practice with shared appointments

Image caption People in the group “formed a bond” over their shared ordeal

Faced with a “ve been waiting for” a GP appointment, would you choose a group session with the doctor instead? It is an idea some surgeries are investigating.

Demand for appointments increasingly outweighs accessibility. In recent years, the number of GP appointments have increased in 13%, but GP amounts are up by less than 5 %, putting massive pres on surgeries.

In addition, many of us are living longer and with variou long-term maladies, which are capable of draw consultations extremely complex.

The traditional one-to-one 10 -minute appointment is arguably no longer fit for purpose.

With no predict of increased fund, or a substantially increased GP workforce, primary care squads have to find innovative new ways of delivering routine care in general practice that simultaneously save term and improve quality.