A Breakdown Of The “Alabama Hannah” Diss Track | Betches

I hope you all enjoyed your three-month furlough from The Bachelor, because it’s time to scurry back to prison, where we’re all forced to watch aspiring Instagram poses who are pretending to fall in love blind us with their veneers for 2-4 hours a few weeks. The end was nice while it lasted! And now that it’s back, so is the wall-to-wall coverage. And that coverage doesn’t only include the show itself, but all the stories that are constantly being written about it( hi) and now, apparently, a song about the former make, Hannah Brown.

That’s right, country wizard Jake Owen proceeded live on Twitter on Thursday night to disclose a song he wrote announced “Alabama Hannah.” Subtle. It’s like if I included the Instagram handle of every person I shaded in these articles instead of the ritzy behavior in which I simply allude to how they’ve wronged me and then threaten to burn down their house. Now, many of you might be asking who Jake Owen is, and I guess that’s a legitimate question from you sad, unfortunate people who haven’t hitherto discovered the glamour of country music. Since I’m so sweet, I’ll help you out here. Jake Owen is a country artist “whos not” as good as Tim McGraw, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan, Eric Church, or Chase Rice. Got it? So Jake affixed this video, clarifying his new song and then singing it. Take a listen now, and then let’s break it down together.

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