Husband Of Late Kate Spade Honors Her Memory By Talking About How Toxic Perfectionism Can Be

Mental health is a very sensitive subject that affects a lot of people. Specifically, suicide is not a topic that comes has spoken about enough, but the fact is that there are lots of individuals who have suicidal thoughts and are considering taking their own lives. They need our support.

Entrepreneur Andrew Spade affixed a touching send on Instagram and contacted out to anyone and everyone who’s in an improbably hard place, like his wife Kate had been. Fashion designer Kate Spade killed herself on June 5, 2018, when she was 55. She would have been 57 years old on Christmas eve, 2019.

As part of the announce reputation his wife’s memory, Andrew shared a picture of his and Kate’s daughter and has spoken about being style to one another, as well as how perfectionism can be detrimental to mental health and can lead to heart-breaking decisions.

Fashion designer Kate Spade’s husband Andrew posted a tribute to her and talked about mental health, perfectionism, and suicide

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Andrew announced a picture of their daughter…

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…and wrote how honesty , not purity, is the goal

Andrew and Kate propelled her designer symbol in 1993 and got married a year after that. Kate’s husband Andrew had this to say after his wife’s death: “Kate suffered from depression and distres for many years. She was actively aiming help and working closely with her doctors to treat her cancer, one that makes far too many lives.”

According to Andrew, Kate taking her life came as a shock to him: “We were in touch with her the nighttime before and she chimed happy. There was no indication and no warns that she would do this. It was a terminated stun. And it clearly wasn’t her. There were personal demons she was battling.”

There are many factors linked to suicidal concludes, and perfectionism is a part of that. According to one study, the pressure to be perfect( whether that influence is self-made or thrust onto our shoulders by those around us) makes a person more likely to think about taking their own life. This invokes the issue that perfectionism as a trait may do much more harm than good.

People thought that Andrew’s post was incredibly important and helpful

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