Daring predictions about the winners of 2020

( CNN) Every year, we ask a adopt group of our contributors to make a round of prophecies about the year to come.

Let’s start with politics. Half of our contributors belief Donald J. Trump will win reelection. As Paul Callan, our merely help to successfully predict Trump’s win in 2016, wrote, “The Dow is up, unemployment is at an all-time low-spirited and we are slowly ending many of our overseas wars. While the Democrats and the media focus on impeachment, the voters will focus on its national economy.”
Others imagined Trump’s prospect for reelection is not just about his financial achievers; it’s likewise about the left-leaning intuitions that some of “the worlds leading” Democrat are advocating, one contributor said. SE Cupp said Democrat look like they are running for “president of Progressivia” — not president of the United Mood.