Political fixer Bradley Tusk closes second fund on $70M

Tusk Venture Partners, the venture capital firm led by Bradley Tusk and organizing collaborator Jordan Nof, has secured $ 70 million for its second flagship fund, the firm has confirmed to TechCrunch following a report by Fortune this morning.

Fundraising for the effort began in January, when the pair filed paperwork with the U.S. Protections Exchange Commission for Tusk Venture Partners II. The firm, and affiliated political advisory clothe Tusk Ventures, is behind a number of high-profile startups, including e-scooter ” unicorn ” Bird, cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase and Ro, a direct-to-consumer healthcare business best known for selling erectile dysfunction medication.

The New York-based firm, founded in 2011, previously created $36 million for its entry money — capital it used to back fantasy sports fellowship Fanduel, insurtech business Lemonade and D2C vitamin seller Care/ of.

Tusk, before launching Tusk Ventures, helped as campaign director for Mike Bloomberg, as representative minister of Illinois and as communications lead for Senator Chuck Schumer. He too pencilled the book, The Fixer: My Undertaking Saving Startups from Death by Politics , released after 2018.

Naturally, Tusk Ventures accommodates business more than exactly checks. The politically savvy crew gives its knowledge to support business beset with regulatory roadblocks and communications publishes, as well as help with grassroots coordinating, opposition research and partnerships.

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