India: The world leader in Internet shutdowns

Mumbai( CNN) “Dear Customer, As per the Government educations, the internet services have been temporarily stopped in your area.” Internet consumers in the Indian State of Jammu& Kashmir received this text flash on their telephones as an Internet shutdown was imposed across the state on August 4, when Article 370 of the Constitution was abrogated. It was a part of a communication blockade in the state that has still not been lifted.

This week, after the Its parliament delivered a controversial Citizenship Amendment Bill that excludes Muslims from fast-tracked citizenship for immigrants from the region, murderou asserts followed in northeastern Indian nations of Assam, Tripura, Meghalaya and Arunachal Pradesh — and a familiar fib play around. As unrest prepared, the government took a needle out of the authoritarianism playbook and shut down the Internet in all four regimes. First for a few hours, and then for dates. It won’t be a surprise to see more neighborhoods and positions jumped into digital censorship over the next few weeks as asserts spread.
According to the Internet shutdown tracker, India has the highest number of network disruptions ordered by the state with 91 reported instances( at the time of) alone in 2019. The digit stands at 134 in 2018. These are just the incidents that have been reported; the actual number is likely to be more. This acquires India the Internet shutdown capital of the world. The world’s biggest democracy guides in digital authoritarianism — and by some margin.