Hamilton star says bar ‘refused black actors entry’

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Giles represented Aaron Burr in Hamilton for which he won the 2018 Olivier award for best actor in a melodic

Hamilton star Giles Terera claims a disallow refused entry to a group of actors because they were black.

He accuses Aint Nothin But … off-colors prohibit in center London of “racial profiling” and says a group of white customers were allowed in past them.

The bar has disavowed the claims and say some of the actors didn’t have ID “so could not be served”.

“We have regular customers, and staff members, who are black. It stimulates no difference to us what colour parties are, ” it says.

In a post on Twitter, Giles told his adherents he’s directing the group of performers in a gambling about American blues musicians and took them to the bar on Friday.