7 breakthroughs in Black media in 2019

Say what you want about 2019 — it was a breakthrough time in media for Black creators, musicians, and activists. This year wreaked Jordan Peele’s and insured the filmmaker named the host of a Twilight Zone revamp. From Regina King’s Golden Globes speech to Spike Lee’s first Oscar win, Black performers and filmmakers continued fighting diversity in the film industry–despite the setback of a Best Picture win for Greenbook. This year bookends a decade that viewed Rihanna’s Anti and Beyonce’s Lemonade, and we’re entering 2020 amid a Black creative renaissance not to be dismissed as a ” trend.” Any time of acceptance and boundary-pushing is important, especially as Black masters campaigned to create media that exists outside of the lily-white gaze and speaks to hard truths. That’s why the Daily Dot is showing on seven of the most notable minutes in Black media across video, film, literature, and music in 2019.

7 Black media breakthroughs in 2019

1) Watchmen, white-hot supremacy, and Black Wall Street on screen

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