‘Resistance Reborn’ is where ‘Star Wars’ fanon meets canon

At the orgasm of The Last Jedi, Luke Skywalker certifies” the rebels is reborn today .” It’s a good scene–swelling music, striking lighting, the works. But it may be easier to say if you’re a oblige projection about to yeet yourself out of existence, and not one of a handful of mavericks scarcely escaping with your lives.

Luckily, Resistance Reborn, out now from Del Rey Books, is here to pick up the parts left behind on Crait and show us how the Resistance goes from the ragtag survivors that escaped on the Millenium Falcon to the forces seen in the latest The Rise of Skywalker trailer.

[ Warning: Spoiler onward]

The book opens with our heroes in dire straits, without a home base and all their friends mysteriously radio-silent. Leia’s depleted both physically and psychically by her Force-assisted space-walk, and Poe is still wracked with regret after his disastrous mutiny against Admiral Holdo. But a project has come together between them, one last-ditch hail mary that will send their skeleton crew to the far corners of the universe in one of the most satisfying getting-the-gang-back-together cycles a fan could ask for.

While there are seasons Rebecca Roanhorse’s natural storytelling expertise feelings against the restrictions of writing in the lead-up to a liberation as massive as The Rise of Skywalker( Rey is pitch-perfect in her few exchanges with Leia, but otherwise mysteriously inert, as is Rose Tico ), having some of the cinematic give take a backseat free-spokens up vital oxygen for the novel’s ambitious ensemble routine. Resistance Reborn is a treasure trove for Wookieepedia veterans and dilettantes alike and mobilizes an impressive complement of personas from all the regions of the cinemas, tie-in tales, video games, and comics. Roanhorse’s versatility with person expres here can’t be overstated-she rekindles Leia’s wry feeling and hard-won wisdom just as well as she channels Battlefront II’s grouchily paternal Shriv or the Black Squadron comics’ spry muckraker Suralinda, while also casting a amazingly tender new light on classic recur reputations like Wedge Antilles( he parent space chickens now ).

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