Vouch raises $45M led by YC Continuity for business insurance that targets startups

” Move fastest and most fragment things” is a term we typically associate with Facebook( at least, until 2014) and the general startup ethos of being intrusive. Now in genuine entrepreneurial manner, the motto is finding itself as the centres of — what else — a startup idea, which today is announcing a sizeable Series B as it gains traction.

Vouch, which offers business insurance specific targeting startups, is today announcing a Series B of $45 million, is presided over by Y Combinator’s Continuity Fund. The companionship was part of YC cohort that presented this past August, and between then and now it appears to have also collected a Series A of $24 million, with this Series B actually too closing back in September( I’m guessing the delay in timing was to coincide the story with the expansion of its service to California ). PitchBook data indicates that Vouch’s valuation has also ramped up rapidly: it’s currently at $210 million.( Previous investors in the company include Ribbit Capital, SVB Financial Group, Y Combinator, Index Ventures, and 500 Startups, with the full amounts of the created to date now at $70 million .)

The company — not to be confused with the tutoring system Vouch , nor the ‘social network for credits’ Vouch — will be using the money that it will use to continue expanding its product and to produce the service to more geographies.

In addition to now launching in its newest sphere of California, today, it’s also live in Oregon, Utah, Colorado, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin and Michigan. Today’s move is a key one, considering Silicon Valley is at the heart of the tech nature, and therefore startups, and therefore fertile ground for acquiring new customers.

( It seems that although Vouch itself is based in San Francisco, it delayed a California launch in part to test out the produce in smaller business before punching the big time: California, it mentions, chronicles for 50% of the whole business insurance market in the US, and California startups alone deplete $44 billion yearly on it .)

When Vouch launched at YC, benefactor Sam Hodges( who the hell is been one of the original co-founders of Funding Circle, the business lending scaffold that moved public in London) described the platform’s mission as a road of mitigating jeopardies because sometimes” bad things happen to good startups .”

The company’s insurance covers all the difficult things that can befall young enterprises in what is a very volatile market.( Common prudence says that most fail, some have articulated the figure as high as 90% .)

That includes general drawback( which includes damage to rented assertions, personal or advertising injury, and related areas ), business liability, administration indebtednes, fiduciary obligation, cyber and crime coverage, leased and non-owned auto insurance and more.( Health or laborers’ compensation are not included .) The products start at $200/ year, which Vouch says undercuts most of what is already on the market. Munich Re backs the policies.

“Vouch facilitates benefactors succeed possible risks associated with starting up a “companies “, so they can focus on creating and flourishing enterprises that vary the nations of the world. We believe that’s a purpose worth haunting, ” said Hodges in a statement. “As an entrepreneur, I’ve squander the majority of members of my occupation house fellowships at the intersection to new technologies and financial services. I know first-hand that along the passage of house and changing a business, units will face countless high-stakes challenges. Vouch is here to support inventors and mitigate those challenges from the start, leaving more apartment for growth.”

Y Combinator has always had a soft spot for startups that improved services for startups, and this is no exception. It clears perfect appreciation as a follow-on investment for Continuity, which has also backed Brex, Gusto, Instacart, LendUp, and Stripe. In this sense, it becomes a tactical investor , not unlike Silicon Valley Bank( which tells startups that do business with it that Vouch is its preferred insurance provider ).

” Y Combinator and Vouch share a common goal- devoting founders the support they need to build successful, innovative firms, ” said Anu Hariharan, Partner at Y Combinator Continuity, in a statement. “Vouch is built specifically for startups, so benefactors have the peace of mind that their business is covered. This stage is fundamental to the startup community, as it enables benefactors is concentrated in changing their companies — which is why we were bullish on preceding the Series B .”

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