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In July, Taylor Swift generated something of a rupture in the music industry and public opinion when she opening hours about Scooter Braun’s company buying out Big Machine Records, the aged description under which Swift recorded her firstly six books. The reasonablenes anybody cared was because this meant Braun’s corporation would now own the masters to Taylor Swift’s firstly six albums, which feigns her ability to earn money off the ruler recordings.( Like, royalties, basically .) It also signifies she does not have insure over how those records are released. That second bit became especially relevant yesterday, when Taylor Swift secreted a very open statement accusing Scooter Braun and Scott Borchetta, the founder of Big Machine Label Group, of outlaw her from playing her old-time songs.

In the statement, she claims that she will be reputation with the Artist of the Decade award at the American Music Awards, and wanted to perform a medley of her pops throughout the decade. Construction total gumption. But, she alleges,” Scott Borchetta and Scooter Braun have recently been said I’m not allowed to perform my old-time lyrics on television because they claim that would be re-recording my music before I’m allowed to next year .” She continues that, in addition, Netflix had been filming a documentary about her life, but” Scott and Scooter have worsened the use of my older music or accomplishment footage for such projects, even though there is no mention of either of them or Big Machine Records anywhere in the film .”

She claimed that Scott Borchetta told Taylor’s crew that she would be allowed to use her music only if she agreed to accept not re-record” copycat forms” of her music next year, and if she stops talking( sh* t) about him and Scooter. In other commands, as Taylor ominously settles it in her announcement:” be a good little girl and shut up. Or you’ll punished appropriately .”

This morning, Big Machine Label Group released the following statement that straight-up repudiates each of Swift’s accusations. The testimony says,” At no phase did we say Taylor could not perform on the AMAs or block her Netflix special. In point, we is not have the right to keep her from playing live anywhere .” Which is cool, but( intentionally or not) shuns the issue of < em> did Big Machine say Taylor could not perform specific chorus? The question is whether or not she was permitted to perform, it’s whether she was permitted to perform the vocals she does not own the masters for.

Furthermore, they likewise claim,” Since Taylor’s decision to leave Big Machine last fail, we have continued to honor all of her requests to license her catalog to third parties as she promotes her current record in which we do not financially participate .” This directly affirms Taylor Swift’s assertions that Scooter Braun et. al. are mostly nursing her music captive and avoiding her from doing what she wants with it.

But in their statement, Big Machine Label Group takes it one gradation farther and perfectly sheds Taylor under the bus.” The truth is ,” it speaks,” Taylor has admitted to contractually owing millions of dollars and multiple assets to our firm, which is responsible for 120 hardworking employees who helped build her career .” This is attempting to shape Taylor look greedy; she is worth an estimated $360 million, and yet she is being accused of screwing over “hardworking” little parties. This statement to me is doubt. Taylor Swift has the money–I’m inclined to believe that if she is withholding money and resources( aka vocals ), she has a good reason for it.

Then, they go on to say that they have tried to come to a mixture with Taylor that benefits both parties, and thought they were getting somewhere, until Taylor nuked it yesterday with her proclamation enrolling her supporters to go apesh* t on Braun and Borchetta. They was indicated that in a more fluffed-up PR way, but it’s clear the send they are trying to convey: they are just innocent, hardworking people who are trying to work with Taylor, and she is the one standing in her own space. They claim,” Taylor made a unilateral decision last-place darknes to enter her fanbase in a calculated behaviour that hugely feigns the security of its our employees and their families .” Which, like, okay. Taylor Swift does have a rabid fanbase, but it’s not like she’s got actual hitters out here. Worst case scenario, I feel like Scooter Braun is going to have a lot of incensed girls in his mentions and DMs.

But the statement ends with the real knockout punch:” Taylor, the narrative you have created does not exist .” When I read that, I audibly clamoured out, “oooooh!” with my hand over my cheek like I was at a f* cking rap clash.( My coworkers appeared concerned .) This is what we in the business refer to as a callback–in this case, to Taylor Swift’s abominable response to the Kim/ Kanye clashed of 2016 when, after losing the fight against the Wests in the court of public opinion, Taylor said,” I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative .” I’d bet that this was a very deliberate choice in utterances, meant to call into question Taylor’s credibility, and remind people that, at least according to the story Kim and Kanye told, which numerous beings guess, Taylor Swift has attempted to operate points to sway public opinion in her advantage before.

Frankly, it’s hard to know what to believe when we are receiving two absolutely self-contradictory accountings. I always like to say that the truth lies somewhere in the middle, but there doesn’t seem room for much of a middle ground here: you either did forbid someone from performing at the AMAs, or you didn’t. You either blocked their Netflix special, or you didn’t. Maybe I shortfall imagery, but I don’t see how both situations continued to be impounded truth.

Given her autobiography, I have to believe that Taylor is telling the truth. She knows better than anyone what can happen to one’s career when they are perceived to be caught in a lie; to deliberately produce a untrue fable of victimhood would surely “blow ones stack” in her face, and Taylor and her squad would have to know this. If “shes not” being prohibited from performing at the AMAs and doing a Netflix special, then surely she would simply do those things? Aside from bulletin tales and an spate of providing assistance from people who previously reinforcement her, Taylor Swift would have nothing to gain by making this up.

So then, it’s my opinion that this statement from Big Machine Label Group is nothing short of a slam enterprise. Forget trying to spin Taylor’s story–they are upending it. They’re deny it ever happened. And by doing so, they’re trying to call her sanity into question. If Taylor’s account is true, then this statement is unadulterated gaslighting–both her, and the public.

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