Doctored photo of GOP congresswoman flipping the bird fools critics

A picture circulating online over the weekend appeared to show Rep. Elise Stefanik( R-N.Y .) flipping the bird after Friday’s impeachment inquiry.

The alleged photo went viral after being showcased by Twitter user Brian J. O’Malley the day after former envoy to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch certified in front of the U.S. House of Representatives.

” Stefanik posed for this picture as Ambassador Yovanovitch was going a roaring standing ovation after giving testimony yesterday ,” the tweet speak. “NY21 deserves better than this childish loser.”

Brian J. OMalley/ Twitter

But as the photo spread, numerous began questioning whether it was even real. When one Twitter user suggested that the idol might be Photoshopped, O’Malley disagreed” as someone who squanders Photoshop daily .”

The photo, however, is entirely fake. And several evidences granted it away.

For starters, as noted by Maddie Anderson, one of Stefanik’s organization, the representative was not wearing fingernail polish during the hearing, as is shown in the photo in question.

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