Vindman Burns Trump Booster John Solomon: All the Key Elements of His Reporting Were False

Impeachment witness records secreted Friday revealed that right-wing journalist John Solomon’s outsized role in jumpstarting Trumpworld’s Ukraine narrative was based on lies and false information.

Solomon, who until very recently was a columnist and executive vice president at The Hill , has found himself mired in the impeachment probe as his Ukraine-related articles and frequent images on pro-Trump Fox News host Sean Hannity’s show cured oil the president’s desire to have Ukraine investigate former Vice President Joe Biden and the unfounded 2016 DNC server conspiracy.

Throughout his testimony, released Friday, the National Security Council’s top Ukraine expert Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman–who listened in on the notorious July 25 order between Trump and Ukraine’s president–noted that Solomon’s March interview with former Ukraine Prosecutor General Yuriy Lutsenko was a major influence on Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani and the president, specially when it came to the removal of onetime U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanovitch last spring.

Lutsenko alleged in the interview that Ukrainian officials facilitated Hillary Clinton in 2016 by leaking impairing informed about onetime Trump campaign chair Paul Manafort and that Yovanovitch devoted him a “do-not-prosecute” inventory and cooperated with Clinton to undermine Trump. Lutsenko eventually retracted the claim against Yovanovitch.

During an exchange with pro-Trump Rep. Lee Zeldin( R-NY ), Vindman said that Solomon’s commodity was a” mistaken narrative” and that he located that assertion on” definitive beginnings .” When asked to elaborate, the NSC official “says hes” talking about here” interagency my fellow members of State and the Intelligence Community ,” adding they found the claims against Yovanovitch to be “preposterous.”

When pulped by Zeldin on whether his sources discovered some or all of the parts of Solomon’s report to be false, Vindman replied:” I reckon all the key component are false .”

” Just so I understand what you entail when “youre telling” key component ,” the congressman invited.” Are you referring to everything John Solomon stated or just some of it ?”

” All the elements that I really laid out for you ,” Vindman said.” The criticisms of falsification were false .”

” Were there more entries in there, sincerely, congressman? I don’t recall ,” he continued.” I haven’t looked at the commodity in quite some time, but you know, his grammar might have been right .”

Top U.S. mediator George Kent originated same charges in his testimony that was exhausted on Thursday, mean to tell me that Solomon &# x27; s report was ” if not entirely made up of full cloth, it was primarily non-truths and non-sequiturs .”

Meanwhile, in her testimony exhausted Friday, onetime National Security Council official Fiona Hill pointed out that the first time she was made aware of Giuliani’s involvement in Ukraine was via Solomon’s sections and Giuliani’s Fox News expressions early this year.

She also went on to claim that it was her understanding that Yovanovitch’s removal was ” set in motion” by Giuliani” in conjunction with people who were writing articles” and Giuliani’s constant expressions on TV, adding that she was also aware after Yovanovitch had been removed that Trump had retweeted some of Solomon’s Ukraine articles.

Solomon owes his character in fueling the chain of events that has led to the ongoing scandal–and the very likely impeachment of Trump last-minute this year–to the fact that various mortals in the upper echelons of Trumpworld were hungry to devour and weaponize his pieces in their messaging fights on the Democrats and the Bidens.

The president’s personal advocate, in particular, prolifically and aggressively promoted Solomon’s work on Ukraine and the Bidens–even if that work hadn’t actually been published yet.

One Saturday night in early April, The Daily Beast received a long message, unprompted and unsolicited, from Giuliani that predict,” Edited draft of piece that starts live at 7a tomorrow .” The respite of the missive appeared to contain the entirety of a column, and included near the top several obvious headline suggestions such as,” Ukrainian to U.S. prosecutors: Why don’t you crave our indicate on Democrat ?” and” Ukrainians build a case against Democrat, but does anyone in U.S. help ?”

The text too read:” By John Solomon .”

It was unclear why or how Trump’s personal solicitor was coming apparently full previews of upcoming Solomon tales before they published online or elsewhere. Giuliani claimed that Solomon hadn’t provisioned him with this one, and that he had gotten it from somebody else, though he did not say who.

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