Russian Historian Accused of Murdering His Student After Being Found Drunk in River With Bag of Severed Limbs

A well-known Russian military historian and professor at St. Petersburg State University was found in a river in the center of the city early Saturday morning drunkenly trying to dispose of a woman’s separated appendages, according to Russian media reports.

Police reportedly soon obtained the woman’s decapitated head and form, along with a cruel understand, in his apartment, and divers are said to have found her legs in pitch-black plastic bags at the bottom of the Moyka River.

The alleged historian-turned-murderer, identified by Russia’s Interfax news organization as 63 -year-old Oleg Sokolov, has already admitted to the killing, according to his solicitor, Alexander Pochuyev.

” If such a odious crime, which my buyer has admitted to, did take place, it was committed under the influence of strong factors, possibly compulsive intoxication or temporary insanity ,” Pochuyev was quoted as saying by Radio Free Europe/ Radio Liberty.

Pochuyev contributed” the finding has not been surpassed more, and until that moment a person is forbidden to be considered guilty” under Russia’s Criminal Code.

Sokolov has reportedly participated a plea bargain for the abominable assassinate of the 24 -year-old victim, tentatively identified by law enforcement informants as Anastasia Eshchenko, one of his students and his co-author on research projects about the French armed rule of Napoleon Bonaparte.

Police have not yet sanctioned a motivating, but several local media reports suggest Sokolov and Eshchenko had a closer relationship than that of a professor and student. Interfax cited beginnings saying the two lived together.

Sokolov is said to have told detectives during his interrogation that he bought a imagine to get rid of Eshchenko’s body and drink liquor during the dismemberment because he” repeatedly felt sick .” He also supposedly said he planned to commit suicide afterwards wearing the uniform of Napoleon.

Sokolov is considered one of Russia’s leading experts on Napoleonic crusades, and is well-known for reenacting times of Napoleonic history. He was gifted France’s Legion d’Honneur in 2003.

Sokolov was also a member of France &# x27; s Institute of Social Science, Economics and Politics, but he had been deprived of his position on its scientific committee Saturday, the society said in a statement.

” We could never imagine that he could commit such an abhorrent ordinance ,” as an academic of such high-pitched countenance, the ISSEP said. The clash re-enactor was also initially listed as a member of the Russian Military Historical Society, but by Saturday evening the organization insisted it had no bind to him.

Russian state media reports that Sokolov is are currently in a hospital and is being treated for hypothermia.

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