A Texas Couple’s Gender Reveal Ended In A Plane Crash | Betches

The headline says it all, guys. What have we told you about how stupid gender exposes are? Like, only in America and with the rise of social media would we have a legitimate controversy with beings trying to one-up each other on how to announce their yet-to-be-born kid’s genitals in front of friends, family, and internet strangers–and causing harmful coincidences in the process. Before you dislike on me, I had a gender reveal, more. It was in the doctor’s office with my husband. The wet-nurse timed at my kid’s junk on the ultrasound screen and said ” look, a penis! it’s a son .” MAZEL. Then I texted my parents. That’s how it should be done.

If you ask me, a gender expose defendant is yet another excuse for parents-to-be to try and squeeze more baby offerings out of friends and family. I respect the hubbub, but too, chill tf out. You need one baby shower to ensure you have some napkins and maybe a car seat. You do not need a f* cking separate gathering with either pink or off-color decor. Give me a separate. And, as we continue to see in the news , not only are gender uncover gatherings pointless, they can also prove to be dangerous. Such is the case with this Texas couple, who tried to do room too much and discontinued up getting person hurt in the process. Let that be a lesson to all of you to knock it off with these stunts.

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