Neo-Nazi forum Iron March exposed in massive data dump

A big database purportedly from the Iron March forum that was an online refuge for prejudiceds, nationalistics, and autocrats was wrote anonymously this week.

The database includes more than 200 MB in 99 documents who the hell is downloadable as Excel spreadsheets. It’s not clear who secreted the data or why, though some have opined that it’s the work of a amiable hacker.

” Apparently the part SQL database of the international neo-fascist Iron March forum( where Atomwaffen first well organised ). Contains info on all users, including user emails, IP address, and private contents, as well as all positions and statements. Enjoy ,” Popular Front founder Jake Hanrahan tweeted this morning, together with a link to the data on the Internet Archive. The sheet says the” Iron March backup SQL dump” was uploaded by antifa-data.

Iron March was largely occupied by young, white adults with fanatical panoramas, per Hatewatch. It existed for six years before disappearing from the web in 2017.

The Southern Poverty Law Center wishes to report that Iron March had 1,653 members. The data trove lists 1,200 useds and 750 original members( it’s possible that some are included in both schedules ). Though most appear based in the U.S ., consumers have mailing address ending in letters is connected with Russia (. ru ), Germany (. de ), Sweden (. se ), Great Britian (. uk ), and non-eu countries. Most account owners use mailing address that are difficult to trace, like Gmail or Hotmail, but two original representatives have. edu mailing address associated with Elon University and SUNY Suffolk Community College, respectively. A few appear to have exerted their real reputations in either their email address or username.

This data could potentially disclose more activist groups as well as link additional beings to crimes and/ or membership in such groups. By the time it shut down, users of Iron March had already been linked to countless acts of violence committed, intolerance, and extremism.

The appoints of users and members and message content in the data is what one would expect. Many of the 750 original representatives going on in here mentions inspired by Nazism and fascism, such as” Black Nazi ,”” Italian Fascist ,” and” Canadian StormTrooper .” The authorities have countless ethnic insinuations and prejudiced announcements about Colors, Jews, and Muslims among the 24,000 uprights the data contains.

Thirteen of the thousands of message topics include “Hitler.” Samples include” Sieg Hitler ,”” Upon Hitler ,” and three” Esoteric Hitlerism” topics.

One topic, possibly created by someone trolling the forum, refers to Hitler as a slur for homosexual beings. Of the hundreds of criticisms that mention Hitler, one governments,” Hehe, I liked both Hitler’s and Mussolini’s sentiments on dames .” Another,” Look at[ Hitler] screaming his lungs out and bleeding his heart out on the stage for the sake of spreading Truth .”

With even a cursory review of the data, one can easily see how the brutal and despicable rant and extremism on members of the forum pranced from the web to the real world.

Vice wishes to report that Iron March consumers have been accused of an struggled plaza shooting, two murders, attempting to hack a Sikh man to fatality with a machete, and other crimes. At least two hate groups form from the site. One of its executives founded National Action, a Nazi terror group in United kingdom of great britain. Atomwaffen Division founder Brandon Russell, who went by Odin on Iron March, announced the neo-Nazi terrorist group’s launching on the site.

Atomwaffen is an extremely violent nationalist group. Members of Atomwaffen have been linked to at least five killings by three different perpetrators in three different positions, NPR reports. Russell himself was imprisoned of build missiles with which he reportedly planned to bomb power lines, synagogues, and a power plant. Police concluded the missiles after two of his roommates, both members of Atomwaffen, were shot to death in their Florida condo. Another of their roommates, Devon Arthurs, who was also a member of the group, was accused of the killings.

Arthurs, then 18, supposedly said that he shot them to frustrate a terrorist attack and since they were scorned his recent conversion to Islam. Arthurs has since been ascertained mentally incompetent and has been receiving treatment in an effort to rehabilitate him so that he may face fees.

Atomwaffen is particularly prevalent in the Iron March data. There are 150 words that invoke Odin/ Russell; 60 meaning topics are about Atomwaffen, such as” Alt-right versus Atom Waffen[ sic ],”” American Vanguard and Atomwaffen .” Vanguard America is a white supremacist radical; it is not known whether this is what the topic refers to.

The data may also point to additional Atomwaffen cadres and body. Various topics reference Atomwaffen and geographic locations including California, Boston, and Kentucky, potentially the locales under the existing or schemed chapters of the group.

In one content, someone claiming to run Atomwaffen says that they” have representatives all over .” A different theme says that the group is mostly young and male, claims that the group is” all over the states ,” and suggests anyone interested in joining contact ” TheWeisseWolfe .” TheWeisseWolfe was Arthurs’ username.

Another message implies that Russell wasn’t running the group alone.” I’m one of the leaders of Atomwaffen Division, and likewise a person from Vinland’s cell in North America. I’m located in Florida with dozens of other like minded beings. I read that you are getting a gym together, and a library is being amassed. Me and Odin speak that, and we are really interested to help in said projects, and we would love to start networking ASAP, if y’all are interested .”

One message claims to be from the girlfriend of one of Russell’s roommates writing after they were slain to investigated by how the forum planned to keep Muslims out.

” I don’t mean this in an slandering behaviour but is Ironmarch going to take to any steps to stop future Muslims from infiltrating this board ?” it territory,” It’s been proved now that they cannot symbiotically colonize the same cavities as tyrants, and any Muslims who is an attempt meet IM will simply future disconcert. I don’t know how to prove it to you but I certainly am his girlfriend, and on his behalf I imagine no pitiless Islam ideology be tolerated now, tell autobiography be a lesson .”( There is no way to be certain that the theme is authentic .)

In the hours since the data was affixed, correspondents and activists have been at work combing through and trying to understand it. Bellingcat lead researcher Aric Toler tweeted that” there are a whole bunch of( self-described) active tariff US soldiers who were pretty active on this forum ,” and has compiled a Google doc to move them.

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