What might be 2019’s word of the year?

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Photobomb, Brexit and binge-watch have been named previous commands of its first year by Collins

Dictionary publisher Collins announces its parole of the year on Thursday – and there’s no shortage of periods we are to be able to pick for 2019.

Every year, brand new words or quotations emerge to reflect the changes in society or engineering. Selfie was invented with the rise of smartphones. Or Brexit, when a pithy term was called for to describe the UK’s departure from the European Union.

Collins Dictionary and the Oxford English Dictionary( OED) are both set to announce their oaths of the year soon. Challengers can be a brand new word, an age-old command that has made a comeback, or two existing messages that have been joined together and taken on new intend( like photobomb ).

The OED says the chosen parole should be “reflective of the ethos, attitude, or preoccupations of this past year, but as having wear possible as a word of cultural significance”.

The debate is one of the highlights of the year for Gyles Brandreth, co-host of Something Rhymes With Purple, a podcast all about conversation and its evolution.