This Tyke Helping Up a Player on the Other Team is the Sweetest Thing

Now these are the moments that melt your stomach as a parent! From the Dad, Mike Zegil:

My youngest daughter, Amara( senility 4 ), is the smallest player on the Gore Bay Tyke hockey team. She is quick to tell you that she is # 12 and actually playing in recreations , not just rehearsals. Depending on the arena she is playing in, she can not watch the game because she can’t envision over the boards. She sometimes has to be lifted onto the ice. But you can hear her merriment from anywhere in any arena. We thought that Amara was the smallest in the conference until we match Arabella( senility 3) from Manitowaning, who likewise happens to be #12. Two daughters was awarded her team’s player of the game because of what happened in the video. I would like to thank her coaches, Clayton Best, Darren Nodecker, Chad Chevrette and Shane Ingram, for helping instill these kinds of values into these young players.

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