The Japanese Take Halloween To A New Level By Celebrating It With Every-Day Situation Costumes (28 Pics)

Have you ever encountered yourself in a situation where you want to dress up for an office Halloween party, but truly hate the idea of spending the whole day garmented in a showy and uncomfortable outfit? Well, the Japanese help find a solution to this awkward situation. In 2014, they have begun a subculture announced Jimi Halloween( Di Wei harouin) which roughly translates to “mundane Halloween.” The idea behind it is as mundane as it sounds–people dress up in a costume that tells a boring narration and involves plateau and regular clothes.The entirety thing was started by a small group of adults at Daily Portal Z who “kind of wanted to participate in the festivals of Halloween, but were too embarrassed to go all out in sorceres or zombie costumes.” Over the years, this legend gained popularity and stretched into a big event with hundreds of attendees who gather to party and explain their costumes to each other. Scroll below for the best tolerating outfits and get inspired for your next Halloween outfit!

# 1

Person Who Face-Swapped Their Photo With A Starbucks Cup

# 2

A Person Who Discovered A Cockroach Just Before Going To Bed But Lost It While Looking For Something That Could Be A Weapon

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# 3

Person Whose Glasses Fogged Up From A Hot Drink

# 4

Camera Assistant For Children’s Photo Studio

# 5

Banksy Turning On The Shredder With A Remote

# 6

People In E-Sports Group Photos

# 7

Zoo Worker Lining Up Baby Pandas

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# 8

A Person Who Got A Shopping Cart But Picked Up Less Items Than Expected

# 9

A Person Who Forgot To Take Out The Trash

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People Who Came To The Work Site From The Head Office

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Person Who Wiped Their Hands On Their Clothes After Washing Their Hands

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A Person Who Sadness Not Getting A Shopping Cart While Waiting At The Cash Register


A Person Waken Up By Amazon Delivery


Person Who Cleans Escalator Railings


Person Who Won 5th Prize At The Company Bingo


A Person Whose Heart Is Dead On A Holiday


Naturally Oriented Woman Who Is Too Organic And Malnourished


A Woman Who Came To The Barbecue With No Intention Of Helping


Beauty Youtuber Reviewing All New Lipstick Colors


A Person In The Middle Of Making Glasses


A Person Who Is About To Win In “Old Maid”

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