Facebook staff demand Zuckerberg limit lies in politcal ads

Submit campaign ads to fact checking, restraint microtargeting, cap spending, say stillnes periods, or at least warn users. These are the solutions Facebook works put forward in an open word imploring with CEO Mark Zuckerberg and companionship leadership to address misinformation in political ads.

The letter, obtained by the New York Times ‘ Mike Isaac, insists that” Free communication and paid lecture are not the same thing . . . Our current policies on reality checking beings in political bureau, or those racing for department, threaten to what FB stands for .” The letter was affixed to Facebook’s internal collaboration gathering a few weeks ago.

Facebook should boycott campaign ads. Cease the lies .

The sentiments echo what I called for in a TechCrunch sentiment slouse on October 13 th calling on Facebook to ban political ads. Unfettered misinformation in political ads on Facebook lets policy makers and their backers spread inflammatory and mistaken declares about their views and their competitives while racking up donations to buy more of these ads.

The social network can still offer freedom of expression to political campaigns on their own Facebook Pages while limiting the capacity of the richest and most dishonorable to pay to make their lies the loudest. We suggested that if Facebook won’t drop political ads, they should be fact checked and/ or use an array of generic” vote for me” or” donate here” ad parts that don’t allow accusations. We likewise blamed how microtargeting of communities vulnerable to misinformation and instant donation ties realize Facebook ads more dangerous than equivalent Tv or radio spots.


The Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg, witnessed before the House Financial Assistance Committee on Wednesday October 23, 2019 Washington, D.C.( Photo by Aurora Samperio/ NurPhoto via Getty Images)

Over 250 hires of Facebook’s 35,000 staffers have signed the symbol, that testifies” We strongly object to this policy as it stands. It doesn’t protect singers, but instead countenances legislators to weaponize our pulpit by targeting people who believe that content posted by political anatomies is trustworthy .” It shows the current policy threatens Facebook’s election stability employment, baffles customers about where misinformation is earmarked, and signals Facebook is happy to profit from lies.

The mixtures suggested include 😛 TAGEND Don’t professed political ads unless they’re subject to third-party fact checks Use visual motif to more strongly distinguished from political ads and organic non-ad posts Restrict microtargeting for political ads including the use of Custom Audience since microtargeted disguises ads from as much public scrutiny that Facebook claims restrains legislators honest Observe pre-election silence seasons for political ads to limit the impact and scale of misinformation Restraint ad expend per politician or candidate, with spend by them and their supporting political action committees mixed Make it more visually clear to users that political ads aren’t fact-checkedPosted in PoliticsTagged , , , ,

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