Bernie Sanders Isnt Running for Second Placeand That Might Be Good News for Joe Biden

Bernie Sanders has money, a passionate locate of support, and a will to battle for his cause for however long it makes, Elizabeth Warren is his ideological soulmate, and you would think that at some site, should he fail to secure the Democratic nomination, she would be the natural heir to his support. But you would be wrong.

” All the evidence that I reviewed and considered advocates Elizabeth Warren is not the automated recipient of Sanders dropping out ,” says Bill Galston, a elderly individual at the Brookings Institution.” There is more of a crossover between Sanders and Biden than one might imagine .”

That’s good news for onetime Vice President Biden, who holds a continuous but shaky induce in the crowded field, but who would fall to a remote second if the support for Warren and Sanders were mixed. But the race is more complex than that, says Galston, a ex-serviceman of six presidential safaruss, and a senior person at the Brookings Institution.

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